Mar 092012

When you have to go from “Zero to Hero” this is how your prepare yourself:

1. A basis of great nutrition and supplementation found here:

2. Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers- You get these by working out in fast short bursts using weighted resistance and sprinting. Running for hours on end won’t help develop fast twitch muscle capability.

3. Sleep – Caffeine can only take you so far, a rested central nervous system will help you keep your “edge”.

4. Train with your gear. It’s great to run an obstacle course or a 5K, but if you wear a duty belt or heavy gear as a soldier or fireman, train that way. For security personnel that means your work shoes, communication unit, weapon if any, and body armor.

5. Mimic the environment you will find yourself in a worst case scenario. If you are working a special event as an on- call emergency responder  (police, security, fire, EMS)- practice for worst case scenarios like a riot, shooting, or fire, something that causes panic.  If you don’t practice this element, you will panic when your skills are needed the most.

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