Nov 012013

Its been a while since I posted anything. So, what’s so special with “Calling in the Reserves”? Well I am not talking about trained infantrymen to do battle, I am referring to your internal reserves that you call on for extended periods of time when you need to stay sharp and focused. We build up these so called reserves by a number of means –

1) Sleep – How do we physically recover from stress? By going to bed.

2) Nutrition – Healthy choices that regulate the blood sugar, reduce the stress hormone cortisol, and provide long lasting energy

3) Training/practice – Undertaking supervised drills under duress for long periods will develop physical resiliency  similar to  Navy SEALS Hell Week or service in the IDF’s Golani Brigade

4) Mental Conditioning – By having the experience of pushing yourself to the limits in practice or training and conquering the moment, you will also develop the self confidence to do so again in a real world situation.


One of the best nutritional tools I have used to reduce stress and enhance my internal reserves is a product by Isagenix called Ionix Supreme. Stimulant free, Ionix Supreme is comprised of natural adaptogens that aid in combating stress and enhancing physical and mental performance.

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