Blending Fitness Success with Wealth Creation

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May 112017

When your health and or physical performance improves its amazing how your internal success translates to the external world. With greater health comes greater confidence, increased energy, and more opportunities to enrich one’s life socially, professionally, and even financially.

One of the reasons why I have aligned myself with Isagenix is there honesty in the manufacturing in their products and the physical results to which Isagenix delivers.

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Supplements that Get Results

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Aug 152014

It seems that everyday there is a new supplement that hits the market promising to deliver results. Many supplement companies hold contests, use before and after pictures, or have celebrity endorsers – all are fine strategies. I have spent $$$$ on supplements over the last 30 years. I remember my first supplement were these chewable amino acid pills from the Weider company, I must have been 13. I tried various types of protein powders, meal replacements, multi-vitamins, fish oils, creatine, pre-workouts, vasodilators, BCAAs, Glutamine, ……

Many times I will find a product that has  good protein to carbohydrate ratio but then find it also has sweeteners and other chemicals that undermine the overall health benefit. My fitness goals have changed over the years; bodybuilding, tactical fitness (military shape), Olympic Lifting, adventure racing, to name a few. My supplement plan should help me achieve whatever fitness goal I seek.

For performance based fitness goals I have found that Isagenix offers the best line of supplements for its value. What sold me was the science behind the supplements, and the fact that even when reducing weight I was able to maintain my strength and power.

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Calling in the Reserves

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Nov 012013

Its been a while since I posted anything. So, what’s so special with “Calling in the Reserves”? Well I am not talking about trained infantrymen to do battle, I am referring to your internal reserves that you call on for extended periods of time when you need to stay sharp and focused. We build up these so called reserves by a number of means –

1) Sleep – How do we physically recover from stress? By going to bed.

2) Nutrition – Healthy choices that regulate the blood sugar, reduce the stress hormone cortisol, and provide long lasting energy

3) Training/practice – Undertaking supervised drills under duress for long periods will develop physical resiliency  similar to  Navy SEALS Hell Week or service in the IDF’s Golani Brigade

4) Mental Conditioning – By having the experience of pushing yourself to the limits in practice or training and conquering the moment, you will also develop the self confidence to do so again in a real world situation.


One of the best nutritional tools I have used to reduce stress and enhance my internal reserves is a product by Isagenix called Ionix Supreme. Stimulant free, Ionix Supreme is comprised of natural adaptogens that aid in combating stress and enhancing physical and mental performance.

A Tool for The Tactical Lifestyle

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May 182012

For some of you out there, you live for the action of a tactical engagement. The adrenalin rush, the recognition from superiors, peers, or rescued victims may also contribute to that fuzzy feeling inside you that you can’t quite explain. I know many people that are or try to be tactical 100% of the time. If they aren’t deployed or  working a shift as a policeman, fireman, or close protection officer, they are training at the range or on the mats in close quarter battle or MMA, when they are not training; they are online surfing, shopping, or commenting on websites geared toward the tactically minded (like this one). In downtime many of these tactical athletes are wearing cargo pants, polo shirts, and Oakley sunglasses to almost every social occassion.

I got nothing but love for this type of guy or gal who lives their life on the tactical edge. Even for the most  seasoned of tactical officers with ice in their veins, there has to be time to decompress and enjoy balance in one’s life. Burn out can happen to the best of us in the tactical world. Stress kills by a 1000 cuts in the form of heart attacks, strokes, and other ailments. Unfortunately many in the tactical world fight their stress by eating bad foods or drinking a bit too much alcohol. A better way to combat stress is by consuming the best nutrition available. Eating protein rich foods, fibrous carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids is ideal. For many us in the tactical world, you are on call or on the the go and shopping for and preparing food maybe a luxury.

A great nutritional resource for the tactical athlete living the tactical lifestyle can be found here:

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5 Nutritional Necessities Needed For Combat Athletes

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Nov 082011

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has taken the sporting and fitness world by storm over the last 15 years. Professional athletes from other sports are training in MMA to improve flexibility, power, and mental strength. To complement the hard training needed to compete in MMA or other combat sports like Boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it is of paramount importance to consume the best nutrition to ensure proper energy and performance levels. So what are the elements needed to empower yourself and supercharge your diet?

1. Cleanse – clear out the toxins from your body. From the air we breathe to the unnecessary additives and preservatives in our food, we are unconsciously limiting our athletic potential by carrying a lot of toxic baggage in our bodies. Eating healthy is great, but what good is it if too much junk in your system is limiting how well you absorb the food?

2. Protein – though there are dozens of protein sources – not all have the same biological value. Protein is essentially for maintaining and growing muscles.

3. Vitamins, Minerals, and Anti-Oxidants –  the proper blend of vitamins and minerals aid in processing food, rejuvenating the body, and help to fight off cancer causing free radicals. Like with protein, you want to make sure that you are giving your body only the best.

4. Joint and Relief Support – in combat sports the joints take a lot of abuse. One can be the best conditioned athlete in his or her sport, but if the body’s joints aren’t well lubricated, the fighter maybe be at a mechanical disadvantage. Minimizing inflammation and scar tissue is key for any future in MMA.

5.  Recovery – Hard training, stress from work, school, or family obligations can put one’s central nervous system at a deficit. A concentrated blend of herbs, botanicals, and anti-oxidant properties will help assist in overcoming the energy draining effects of stress.

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