Sep 302011

Leadership is a valuable trait to posses. There is no singular leadership style that is better than others, but certain leadership principles may be more appropriate than others given the situation or environment. No matter what one’s leadership style is, leaders are confident and possess a certain command presence that demands respect. A leader can be big, small, tall, short, etc. yet most leaders all possess a physiology where their shoulders are broad and a gaze that is directed forward.

There is an old adage that says that “leaders are born not made”. I disagree. Though not everyone can be a leader in every situation, we are leaders of our own lives and have the opportunity to influence outcomes that directly affect us. To be an effective leader we have to internalize and exhibit many mental traits – determination, honesty, integrity, confidence to name a few. In addition to possessing mental skills, possessing a high degree of fitness and health is also key for developing the leader within each of us.

Can anyone imagine a leader with shoulders internally rotated, a pot belly, and a gaze that is directed downward? No. But is such a person doomed to be a follower and not a leader? Also no. Possessing the physical traits of a leader is accessible to anyone, the hard part is knowing where to begin.

Stay tuned for leadership building fitness plans from Battle Tested Fitness.


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