Jul 112012

Mental Strength is a difference maker that often determines success or failure. One can have all of the physical tools and intelligence in the world, but does he or she have the will power and internal fortitude to push on when the going gets tough. In challenging moments when we are out of our comfort zones, our mind starts to play tricks on us, and suddenly we find ourselves rationalizing why it is better to quit the task at hand and focus our efforts elsewhere.

Many successful people have that ability to “see things through”. Mental strength is what drives people to overcome their fears, the unknown, danger, and to excel on the playing field and in training sessions. Mental strength can be developed out of failure itself. So what if you failed at something, do you have the mental strength to continue on and try again?

The Olympics are around the corner. There are a number of athletes that failed to make their respective Olympic squads in years past but they possessed the mental strength to dedicate four more years of training and competing to earn a spot this year.

Stay mentally strong my friends.

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