Aug 072012

We often judge physical fitness by how much weight someone can lift, how fast or long someone can run, or by their physique. Achieving supreme physical fitness should be a goal for every human to improve their quality of life. For a unique and small population, supreme combat fitness is the goal. Being in good shape does help in achieving a high level of combat fitness, but with combat fitness there are so many physical and mental elements one has to concentrate on that go “beyond the gym”.

Similar to football players that have to be in “hitting shape” before their season gets underway, tactical engagements require one to be able to withstand unbelievable rigors in the course of their jobs.

Here a some facets of combat fitness that need to be mastered to improve performance in the field:

1. Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) are the cornerstones of athletics; in a military/emergency environment, the combatant or first responder has to possess SAQ skills while being loaded down with battle gear or a duty belt.

2. Weather and Environmental factors – For those that work in a police/fire/EMS function chances are that you are familiar with your regional weather patterns. The challenges to overcome in the performance of your jobs will have to do with daytime vs nighttime operations, rain, snow, etc. Being able to overcome environmental challenges is key for performance on the job. For military and elite security or investigative agents, you maybe dispatched globally at a moment’s notice; so the ability to adapt to severe changes in climate and altitude are essential. Multiple repetitions of heavy bench presses won’t help you overcome an adjustment in altitude but improved cardiovascular fitness will help you adapt easier to the challenges put on your nervous system.

3. Long shifts/little relief/lack of sleep – the trifecta of poor performance. Overcoming the aforementioned obstacles is essential to performing at one’s best. The allies in overcoming the realities of tactical professions are rest and nutrition. Sometimes caffeine is not the answer but foods and supplements that provide long lasting energy and have stress busting nutrients. One such supplement that I have found to be a great weapon in reducing stress is Ionix Supreme, manufactured by Isagenix, is a formula comprised of anti-oxidants, adaptagens, and minerals that improve stress levels and energizes the body.

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