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Aug 152014

It seems that everyday there is a new supplement that hits the market promising to deliver results. Many supplement companies hold contests, use before and after pictures, or have celebrity endorsers – all are fine strategies. I have spent $$$$ on supplements over the last 30 years. I remember my first supplement were these chewable amino acid pills from the Weider company, I must have been 13. I tried various types of protein powders, meal replacements, multi-vitamins, fish oils, creatine, pre-workouts, vasodilators, BCAAs, Glutamine, ……

Many times I will find a product that has  good protein to carbohydrate ratio but then find it also has sweeteners and other chemicals that undermine the overall health benefit. My fitness goals have changed over the years; bodybuilding, tactical fitness (military shape), Olympic Lifting, adventure racing, to name a few. My supplement plan should help me achieve whatever fitness goal I seek.

For performance based fitness goals I have found that Isagenix offers the best line of supplements for its value. What sold me was the science behind the supplements, and the fact that even when reducing weight I was able to maintain my strength and power.

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