Aug 122011

Battle Tested Fitness evolved from my 20 plus years of tactical training and operations. As my career evolved from soldier, executive protection team leader, undercover agent, and to security management consultant, my first priority was to ensure that I am equipped physically and mentally to navigate and survive any situation however dangerous.

I discovered that by preparing myself for a worst case scenario, I am all the more prepared to handle the mundane occurrences of daily life. I realized that there is a direct relation with the performance of one’s duties in the field and their level of physical (tactical) fitness.

Battle Tested Fitness is designed to be an asset for not just the tactical operator – combat soldier, policeman, firefighter, or security agent but for the person who has a desire to succeed and live a healthy and productive life.

Battle Tested Fitness will offer fitness plans, tactical training solutions, nutritional strategies, and commentary on issues and incidents that are prevalent in the realms of fitness and  personal protection.

Greg Schneider, CPP, CPT-NASM

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