Oct 032011

In many tactical professions-  within military, police, and security organizations – the soldier, officer, or agent is often stationary for many hours on end. Whether it is standing at a guard post or driving or riding in a patrol car, the tactical operator’s muscles are generally cold, (provided the environment isn’t extremely hot) the heart rate is low, and the joints maybe stiff for not being engaged for so many hours. What happens if one needs to engage all of their senses and athleticism within seconds. From standing post or riding patrol for hours now go engage an enemy or chase and apprehend a suspect where your heart rate will spike and you have to call on your slack muscles and stiff joints to get yourself moving. You have to go from Zero to Hero and hope that you have trained your body well enough to sustain combat, police, or protective operational duties.

The value of tactical fitness is realized in these moments when official duties require you to operate with efficiency and supreme confidence. As a tactical operator you have to train your body to always be primed for action, which means less focus on how much you can bench press (maximal strength) and more focus on improving fast twitch muscle fibers and anaerobic strength.

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