Everyday Health Battles

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Sep 022011

Common everyday challenges to our health:
1. Sitting too much at work or in the car.
2. Standing too long.
3. Hunching over a computer for extensive periods.
4. Working indoors too long during daylight hours.
5. Getting stressed over external forces of which you have no control.

If the above situations apply to you, then you need to start now to take massive action to limit the long term damage such repetitive actions can have on your health.

1. Move 15 minutes for every hour you sit.
2. Sit for 10 minutes for every hour that you stand.
3. Do more exercises for the posterior chain muscles – butt/legs/back/rear shoulders to compensate for sitting and hunching.
4. During a break from work go outside instead of staying indoors.
5. Only worry about what you can control.

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