Gladiator Run

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May 032012

Despite opting not to do trail runs in the mud with quasi military type obstacles for since they were conceived; I did the real thing with 60 pounds on my back and weapons for a few years, I will be competing in a Gladiator Run in San Jose on May 19th. I figured what the hell, let’s see if I still got it. I have been training for it and feeling like a lean, mean, fighting machine, and am ready to take on the course.

The Importance About Always Being in Shape

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Aug 182011

Two guys are in the woods hiking and have set up camp for the night. After the tent is up and they have eaten. One of the hikers starts stretching and doing jumping jacks. The other hiker asks him, “what’s with the warm up routine?” The first hiker says, “well in case there are any bears.” To which the second hiker says, “you can’t out run a bear.” Prompting the first hiker to say, “No, I just have to out run you.”

The morale of the story is to always be fit or risk becoming someone else’s lunch.


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