Getting Tactical – The First Step

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Aug 152011

The term tactical is a a sexy term. When we think of “tactical operators”, we conjure images of special operation forces, SWAT team members, and close protection agents. Inside of the sub consciousness of most men and perhaps some women, resides that desire to be an able bodied tactical operator. How great would it be to call on that “person” inside of all of us that is situationally aware, can take charge of any situation, has the skill sets to avoid danger yet possesses the ability to conquer external forces that threaten what we hold dear.

The good news is that one does not need to enlist or serve in an elite military, police, or security unit to embrace tactical skills.

The best entry into the tactical lifestyle is not at the gun range but at the gym. Through fitness you will develop a foundation on which to add the necessary tangible and intangible skills and abilities that are instilled in many tactical operators. I know what you are thinking, “What do you mean by fitness? What kind of fitness is needed to empower me with a base for adding specialized tactical skills?

Step 1: Work backwards from a likely incident that will place physical demands on you. In most cases, we are talking about short, intense, heart racing periods of time. Think of the condition your body will need to be in to run to safety in case of a fire, to escape a stalker or robber that targets you on street, or the strength needed to move items or people in cases of man made or natural disasters.

Check back in for Step 2.




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